Jul 28, 2006

Almost updated

Prepare yourselves everyone this blog will probably go back to being all about my "womanly parts" again soon as I dive back into trying to get knocked up. I know its romantic isn't it? I am starting to feel content and so the actual trying to lose weight is going to stop. I'll be fine in my size 12s.

But until the next cycle starts you will just have to listen to me bitch and moan about the weeds popping up in my garden and stare at vacation photos. Those are coming in the next few days. Oooooooo some nice before and afters too.

Jul 14, 2006

The final countdown

I know I know I said I wouldn't weigh myself until September, but I did anyway. I jumped on, looked down, got off and tried again. 155. Yes I know that its still a high number but for me its pretty damn good. But then it hit me. I have 10 to go. My husband has asked me to stop when I hit 145, so I am. I'm not quite sure how I will stop since this has become a lifestyle change for me. Perhaps an additional cookie a day? I think he is afraid my boobs will mysteriously fall off or my my hips might become flat. Anyway I feel it is reasonable.

So once again I find myself facing a journey coming to its end. Now wtf will I do. Maybe I will get all crazy about the baby making, but really all I got out of that was heart burn. I have this crazy idea to take up karate. Not really for self defense, but more self entertainment. Knowing me and my clutzy self I will break a hip and dislocate a shoulder during the first class, but I'll probably go for it anyway.

I've had a few people ask my what kind of diet I've been doing so to put it to rest I decided to keep a food log over the weekend and post it on Monday.

Jul 11, 2006


If I actually kept up with my blog on a daily or even biweekly basis I would be fed up enough to switch to something I had to pay for. But I don't so I probably will be keeping my free stuff loving ass right here. Ahhhhhh. I have tried to blog twice this week only to have both post promptly wonder off into space and land somewhere else. I did the lucky blogger dance before I sat down so here is hoping. Enough about all that jibberish.

As I read was checking up on some of my bloggers I have noticed that people are doing way more interesting things than I am lately. Some have been going to concerts I would give a nipple to go to and others have taken up hobbies or vacations that I often daydream about. So what have I been up to? A whole lot of nothing. I'm like the queen of wasted time right now. My husband has asked me to put off looking for a job until the boy returns to school. That is months away and I'm not sure my sanity will last that long. So I could lie and say I have been keeping busy by bathing homeless people and campaigning for animal rights but I think you would all know it was a lie. My days have been consisting of some bike riding, gardening, maybe a short trip to the market, some really bad day time tv, and putting off a lot of things I know I should be doing. Yep, it seems that I may have a bit of a laziness bug lately. I plan on killing it tomorrow by cleaning out the garage. That hell hole scares me. It is my husbands territory so I tend to leave it alone, but when I am scared to go in and get him that means its time to clean it out.

My fitness plan is going okay. I know I have been eating way too much ice cream lately and I plan on joining some sort of 12 step program soon. I can tell I am still losing by the fact my new shorts are loose already, but I could do better.

Uhhhhh, lets see, what else am I slacking on? Well one thing that is not slacking around here is my womanly parts. Seems funny I take a break from trying to procreate for the summer and now everything falls into place. I stopped all the supplements and crazy voodoo and tada, perfect 28 day cycle. Not only that but no cramps this month. Yeah.

I'm really upset I lost my fourth of July post because I liked it alot. I can sum it up really easily for you.... one of the things fatty loves more than food is freedom. I have been on the other side and can see why sometimes other countries hate america, but I will love this land forever. We had a great 4th over at a friends house with food, beer, and lots of great people. Makes me feel lucky to be me every single year. But now the countdown for the company picnic starts! What could be better than a full blown fair for free?????? Oh yes, my son and I are starting to think about what order we will go on the rides already. Mmmmmmmm gravity and vomit.

Jul 2, 2006



Okay now lets see if I can recapture any of that magic. Stupid ass blogger

Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh summer. Just the thought makes me smile. Even makes me happy enough to forget how much blogger eats ass sometimes. Anyway, deep breath, moving on. So the other day while I was at the river with my family running around and jumping off of things I had no right to be on I felt something new. I paused and realized I was completely comfortable in this shell I call my body. I looked around and found that I blended right in with the other average looking moms who had a bit of pudge here and there. But that wasn't the important thing. I was happy being me, and it made everything completely worth while.

We camped overnight at the river because we had a few days of over 100 degrees. We have a standing agreement in our family that any day it goes over 99 we get out of town and head for the woods. I was upset when I found that I no longer like smores. Yes I know, how shocking. For those of you who don't know, smores is what used to spark my love for camping. Now I find them a bit sweet and they really just make me want to gag. I did enjoy the camping even without my sweet delight, but I am on the look out for another oh so delicious but not too sweet camping treat. If you have any ideas please let me know. We are going camping in the state sand dunes next week so I am trying to come up with something before then. Last time I went to the dunes was a few years ago and I weezed and dragged my butt up a small dune before I almost passed out. Now I'm in better shape so I am hoping it won't be so tough. Its a two mile hike over the dunes to the ocean so I am going to try and do that.

I forgot what I wrote in my other entry before blogger at it so I guess this is it for now

OH, except thanks for noticing that typo michelle. Too much wine and keyboards do not mix well.