Aug 31, 2007


We are pregnant. Confirmed by countless dollar trees, first response and even the coveted digital. P4 2 days ago was only 17.1. We are scared. Please send us all the prayers you can spare.

Aug 27, 2007


Well this weekend was a rollercoaster ride. The funeral was saturday. It was a beautiful ceremony. Afterwards we got the stuff to bbq at the house and went home to make dinner. I was blissfully making my hamburgers when she showed up. Yes her. My niece that anounced her pregnancy shortly after my miscarriage. You know the one that was due eerily close to my due date. The one that delivered a beautiful baby girl while I holed myself up in my room and cried my eyes out. Yes her. And her baby. In my yard. I really had no where to run. It was like being hit in the face by a bag of bricks. In my mind it doesn't bother me, but in reality when she shows up unanounced complaining of parenthood it made me want to die. Our babies would be the same age.

I haven't been able to bring myself to hold her. But don't think I haven't noticed her tiny little hands and perfect little toes. I feel robbed.

Aug 20, 2007

Have you seen this crazy lady?

My husband is somewhat freaked out by the accuracy of the hair and shovel. Mel did a great job on making our little clicker people and I must say we are one hot looking group of clickers. Almost sounds obsene. If you would like to know more about the clickers go here . I like to think of us as your friendly neighborhood stalkers. As I was clicking through some yesterday I realized I don't even know what many of the adoption terms mean. TWW and HSG and BFN I know by heart but I am embarassed to say I don't know what LID means. So today I'm off to the library to find a book that will help me out. I was suprised to see several bloggers I used to follow when they were ttc.

Really I wanted to encourage people to use the lost and found. You can follow the link on the sidebar. I've fallen in love with this site and let me tell you why. I really don't have the time to click through 800 million blogs a day and I love the fact that anouncements can be posted and off we go to give support. It is nearly impossible to keep up with everyone/thing so its a really handy tool.

Yes on to ovary news. I had a temp rise this morning so I am veeeeeeeeeeery tenatively anouncing that I ovulated. We will see tomorrow.

I must be bouncing off now. I need to capture pictures for this weeks favorite things.

I surrender

So the iui yesterday went perfectly. Great numbers and no pain. Last night I even had my ritual ovulistic crying jag. Seems like perfect timing no?

So this morning I get up use the bathroom and notice that the faucet of ewcm I've had is still there. Thats I check cp. Still so high I can barely reach it, but when I do that sucker is open enough to drive a small bus of japanese tourist through. Now in a full blown state of panic I run to get my themometer and see what the temp was for this morning. 97.3. SHIT. I'm now the proud owner of a badly timed IUI. I do not understand. My opk was the darkest I had ever seen.

I'm afraid this cycle has gone to shit. Its my fault because I decided to play with the soy isoflavones. Whatever. I'm chalking it up to experience and moving on.....does anyone know how long post washed semen last?

I found it

So here I am cd 19. Did I mention that I figured out the reason I missed my surge? Uh, I didn't have one. I geared up to O and then fell short. My temps have stayed at 97.3. This morning I found my surge. I have tons of ewcm and twinges in all the right places so IUI #3 is tomorrow morning @ 8. Wish us luck people, we could really use some.

Aug 17, 2007

I was having a good day. Went to the gym, got errands done, and watched a movie. We got a call that my brother in laws father passed away this morning. We knew it was coming, he has had cancer for quite a while. My husband is going to the house tonight to help get whatever needs to be done done. Since he was going over there me and tater tot (ds) decided to grab a quick dinner and rent some movies.

On the way back from the movie store we passed a pregnant girl smoking. Just when you thought it couldn't get worse her husband called her a whore. I wasn't going to let it get to me today. It got mr fatty instead. He's eyes welled up and he just said he didn't understand. It was like opening a floodgate. He talked about having dreams of a baby that looked like him but had my blue eyes and how his heart is aching. He is heartbroken and sad and I cannot fix it. It is starting to haunt him like it does me, and I never wanted that to happen.

Here are a few of my favorite things

It seems so easy to focus on the negative sometimes. So I decided to make up a list of my favorites for friday. Hey, what a nifty name, friday favorites.

First lets start off with the giant veggie pic I've been promising! For size comparison I have added an opk for reference

Now out of many things that make my garden wonderful I must say this geranium I picked up for a buck fifty because it was dying has turned into my favorite. See what some love and fertilizer can do.

Here I have made some biscuits to counter act all the hard work I've been putting in at the gym. Oh come on, you know you want one. They were fabulous dipped into my potato sausage soup. Oh yeah, its all going straight to the hips is my beloved yoga mat. I am suprised it doesn't have my ass print permanently imbedded in it yet. Its ugly, but comfy and I have yet to slip on it. Oh and notice the new bedding I bought when IUI #2 failed. I love it. Mmmmmmmmmm softness

So that is a few things in my life right now I am thankful for. Screw the messed up opks, I've got good veg and a soft bed!

So tell me, what are your favorites?

Aug 14, 2007

OR just call me stupid pants

First of all thanks for the positive comments. It goes to show that even after losing 90 lbs you have to keep up with maintaining your weight. Anyway went to the gym, feel sore blah blah blah.

OH YEAH DID I MENTION I MISSED MY DAMN SURGE. I checked last night and it was almost positive....really close. This morning still close but no cigar. Since the call in deadline for appointments is noon I figured no biggie. My surge will start some time tonight or tomorrow. Well just for giggles I poas when I got in from the gym. I have never seen such a negative opk in my life. Hm. Maybe I should go try one again.

Please hold....

Still negative. Like squinting to see the second line on an answer opk. Yeah, thats negative. Sooooooooooooooooooooo looks like I'm getting a break from the speculum this month after all. Of course we will have the obligatory sex, but I think I'll mix up a few drinks and not worry. No hip propping tonight!

Just call me sausage pants

I've gained back 20 pounds. There I said it. Shit shit shit. So in response to this unpleasant revelation I have dusted off the gym bag and returned to my old love....I missed the gym. Its the only place I feel equal because there usually aren't any pregnant women lurking in there. Shit. 20 pounds! I could say its the depression, or the miscarriage, maybe even the fertility drugs but thats a lie. I just sat on my fat ass eating pop tarts and now my jeans barely button. I shall fix this. THIS I can fix.

It looks like iui #3 will be sometime in the next few days. I did develope 2 nice follies taking the soy isoflavones. Hrm. Who would have thought it would work? I'm off to bed. I'm beat from my workout.

Aug 11, 2007


I guess I should elaborate on my last post. I cannot say that I have given up ALL hope on iui. I always have a chance of winning the 140 million dollar lotto or getting hit by lightning too. It is possible. I'm just feeling the pressure of failure breathing down my neck. It was a good flip out to have because now I know I am ready to move forward if I need to. We'll see if we get lucky with the iuis (and I do believe it will take luck) but if we don't I'm okay with that. I say that now but I totally reserve the right to flip out when faced with another bfn.

Enough jibberish about my girly parts. Today was harvest day out in the garden and I hauled in the biggest zucchini ever. I will take pics tomorrow, but seriously I could use it as a lethal weapon. The asian pears and blackberries are so sweet right now I really can't keep myself out of them.

Oh, is anyone reading along with the barren bitches book tour? If you aren't I would encourage you to read along. The current tour can be found here . The book (Love and Other Impossible Pursuits) is really interesting because I feel really torn about the main character. I won't say more than that. But it is a really good read.

Also just a psa. If you need to find anything try checking the lost and found thingy in the sidebar over yonder. Its a good way to find someone, make an anouncement, or find bloggers who have been there, done that, and can lend some advice.

Aug 6, 2007

Nowhere land

Welcome to scrambled brainville. I haven't even been able to put a string of thoughts together lately. I'm just so so so something.

Trip went well. Had the talk with mr fatty. You know the one where you decide to go ahead and finish the IUI cycles so you can move on with your life. As it turns out I may not be the only one who has lost the faith for the almighty IUI. To be honest it seems to work for most (if it is going to at all) within the first two cycles. Well we failed both so basicly we are ready to accept our fate and move on if needed. We currently have enough for 1 ivf and two fet saved so now we are just going to sit back and let this journey take us where it may. We even had the "what if ivf doesn't work for us" talk. Yeah that was hard.

See I must explain that mr fattys oldest brother (he comes from a family of 13 kids) has never had kids. No known reason it has just never happened. Mr fatty is now wondering if that will be his life story too. It terrifies him, but not to the point of using donor egg or semen if we find a bump in the road later on. Yes, you heard me. The man who is willing to donate semen, and donate embryos if we do ever achieve our goal is against me using them. Well how am I supposed to feel about that? I believe it is just the fear talking and that if we were ever really faced with that decision that he would decide differently.

Woooooooooah I went totally off topic. So, the point is we are just going to haul ass through these iuis so I can move on. I feel like I'm stuck on a merry-go-round. I would just like to vomit and get off.

Aug 3, 2007


Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, what does a girl on a break do?


*packs fatty is taking me to california for the weekend!

*freaks out about flying

*decideds to take soy instead of clomid

*eats her own weight in frozen poptarts...strawberry

*schedules cd 11 wanding

*paints nails

*has a quick yet efficient panic attack about flying

*clips some flowers from the garden to bring in to share with you

My garden is doing very well this year. I am over run with giant zuchinni and veggies of the sort. My flowers are big and bright. Apparently I can grow everything except a human. Okay I'm going to finish packing. Have a good weekend everyone