May 21, 2006

say what?

Hmmmm, well I'm not exactly sure if I am on deaths bed, but for someone like me to lose my voice is close to hell. We are working on the second day of silence for me. I'm not sure where it went but it is completely and utterly gone. Not a whisper, moan or chuckle has crossed my lips. My husband has taken this opportunity to get out the pressure washer since I cannot object. Its not that he's not handy, its just that he gets a bit carried away with that contraption. When he has the pressure washer out all the neighborhood kids run because they know if they stand still for even a moment he will wash them too. Its like the sander. I try to avoid bringing it out because as soon as he does I have a million of his half started projects and maybe one that is finished. But short of going outside and turning off the water supply there is nothing I can do to make him stop with the power washer right now. So I'll just sit here silently and pray he covered all my flowers first.

I haven't posted a lot lately because really there hasn't been much to update. I find that taking a break from all things baby making related has opened up a lot of free time for me. I've taken up some crocheting and am thinking about making some photo collages, but besides that I have just been enjoying my days.

I cannot believe my sons first year of school is almost over. It just blows my mind. He left me a whiney, insecure little boy. And now he is emerging as a confident reader at the end of the year. I still smile so big when he reads anything to me. Of course his favorite words to read and write are usually related to poop, vomit, or boogers. But I will take it. My boy is reading. Its such a huge accomplishment I feel that too many parents look over. If I had the ability I would throw him a parade but budget wise thats just not going to happen. So instead I am going to buy him subscriptions to his favorite magazines. Those little disney adventure magazines are his favorite and the comics in there have words easy enough for him to sound out without any parental input. He feels like a stud.

I skipped reading one of the most popular books around and just went and seen the movie on Friday. The davinci code was pretty good in my opinion. I know people are being so critical, but uh its a movie. Its supposed to be entertainment. Yeah blah blah blah and religion and all this. I just loved it because I got to go to it with my hunky husband all alone. Oh yeah.

May 11, 2006

Bad me

Sorry I've been a bit neglectful lately but my mind has been in a state of hibernation for a bit. I feel rejuvinated now though. I am putting off anything having to do with baby making until the fall so I can train for the 5k without having my mind too crowded. No more herbs, temp taking, or schedules. Well after this month anyway.

I've been doing okay on my workouts but need to devote a bit more time so I have conned my husband into going to the gym with me to keep me motivated a few times a week. The rest of the time its just me and the golf course. Now I need to read some and catch up on all of you.

May 8, 2006

Love letter

Dear what ever your name is,
Can you please refrain from driving your "car" with the "muffler that sounds like a jet is landing on my house" and "system that sucks because its all bass" down my street at 5 in the morning? It is also not advisable to do this at any hour when I am pmsing.

Thank you so much,
Mrs fatty "the crazy lady who will slash your tires"

May 2, 2006

What no one told me about losing weight

When I decided to lose some weight I was crammed with all the positives. But there is another side to it.

No one ever told me

  1. *That my skin would never bounce all the way back

*That people (especially women) might decide they don't like me as much because I am no longer the "fat" friend

*I still feel weird in tank tops

*Going swimsuit shopping still sucks

*Confidence doesn't come with a smaller waist size

*That I would feel more self concious at 165lbs then I did at 239

*A pregnancy still wouldn't happen

*My hair still looks like shit

*Men noticing me again would creep me out

*People would start talking about fat people to me

I will finish this later, time to work out