Dec 26, 2007


I really don't post a lot anymore and its not because of a lack of things to say. Its just hard to. Its also hard for me to post comments to certain blogs because as much as I want to reach out it almost feels like being an imposter. Its hard to tell someone you can relate to their pain when I can feel the baby kick and they are still struggling for a bfp. Regardless of all of this I am finally going to update.

I have been feeling movement for a few weeks now and it is amazing. Seems to happen more at night when I'm trying to sleep so I just lay there and am completely amazed.

Cervix seems good @ 3.9 and tightly closed.

My morning sickness has turned to mind blowing fatigue and nipples that feel like razor blades are sticking out of them.

I'm very emotional. VERY emotional. Just ask my poor husband.

Oh yeah, that thing where I said I probably wouldn't have sex until close to the due date? I'm a total liar pants because just days after getting the clearance we started going at it like rabbits. I find it both amazing and odd the fascination my husband has with this new body of mine. Granted he is a boob and butt man and right now I've got plenty of both, but I thought it might weird him out. Makes me feel better about myself though, which I need considering my hair is in a constant frizz now and my skin looks like I just hit puberty.

Hmmmmmmmm, oh yeah, we had the 20w scan. I'm the proud owner of a penis and set of balls people. Proudly displayed right away. As a matter of fact the baby was scratching its bottom too. Seriously a perfect replica of mr. fatty. We did however have a hard time getting both views of the spine so I have to go back in two weeks. The tech said not to worry and that it was normal, but I think we all know I went into worry overdrive. Now I find myself in a 2ww of a different sort. I'm trying to remain calm. I have the best picture of the baby smiling at us. I will try and scan it in soon.

Dec 19, 2007

Nothing like a kick to the teeth first thing in the morning

I remember why I don't like morning news now. I'm sure everyone knows by now that britney spears' 16 year old sister is expecting. I'm just speechless.