Jun 21, 2006

Big fat year in review

So as I said before this year definetly had its ups and downs. Lets start with the numbers and get them all out of the way.

Weight started: 239
Current weight: 159
Lost 80lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bmi start: 39.8
Bmi current: 26.5
Down 13.5


Neck: starting 16, current 13 = -3 inches
Bust: starting 51, current 40 =- 11 inches
Waist: starting 48, current 36 = -12 inches
Hips: starting 48.5, current 37.5 = -11 inches
Thigh: starting 26, current 20 = -6 inches

Not bad for 12 months. I haven't always been diligent, but I never gave up and I think that is what got me here.

My change in frame of mind is what has been most amazing. I feel more postive and know that I really can accomplish anything.

The only disappointment over the last year was our lack of pregnancy. But I still believe taking a break for the summer is whats best. So far I am enjoying my time. I have eaten all sorts of taboo foods and even went out and drank way too much last weekend. We hadn't just gone to a bar and played pool and drank in sooooo long. This is good for our marriage and without a healthy marriage my life would be empty.

More importantly what I have learned is that I am not alone. That is priceless

Okay now with all that out of the way here comes my summer plans. So after doing my monthly weigh in today I decided not to weigh in again until the end of August. I have 14 lbs to lose, which I think is totally doable. Is that even a word? Anyway, I want to focus on weight training and boosting my cardio and see what happens. Now I just need help coming up with a weight training routine. Any ideas?

Jun 20, 2006

Is this thing still on?

My lack of post lately isn't due to some exciting thing or a slide into depression, I am just finding myself terribly busy and preoccupied. My garden is in bloom and I feel more at home in the dirt than in here with my butt in a chair.

I am aware I missed my blogaversary. One year, wooohooooooo me. There are so many things I expected from the last year, some didn't happen, and other things turned out better than I could ever imagine.

Now excuse me, the lilac is calling me

Jun 4, 2006

Check me out

Sorry for the long space between post but I was out enjoying myself. This is the time of year where Portland comes alive and the outdoor markets open, parades take place, and of course it won't stop raining. That didn't stop us. We taped up two days early and I sat my ass on the pavement for 12 hours to make sure my son and his two friends had a great view. They did and had a great time. Its nice to see the streets of portland closed down and kids drawing with chalk, playing football, jump roping and singing wherever they choose. We brought our 15lbs of candy out and created absolute chaos when we started throwing it around. It is the best part if you ask the kids that sat on the same block we did.

But that wasn't the best part. I got a whistle! Not the kind you put around the neck but an adoring whistle from a passerby. After the shock wore off I was flattered. Its been a long time. But I am starting to feel a bit more comfy in this thing I call a body.

We all bought new bikes and are excited for it to dry out so we can give it a go. I have to admit I gave in and got the bike I've always wanted, it was a bit pricey, but my butt is ohhhhhhh so happy on that seat. My husband, not one to go against trends got the same kind just the male version. My son who was afraid to ride a bike for the longest time found a yellow one with flames on it. I guess it was one of those seeing the light from heaven things because his eyes got wide and he was speechless for a moment.

Speaking of wide eyes he was completely fascinated by the army men marching in the parade yesterday. I mean jaw open, just complete awe. Even they noticed and one of them gave him a football. I swear my son has not taken his eye off of it since we have gotten home. I think there are worse things a young boy could look up to. I cannot believe his graduation from kindegarten is next week. It has gone by so fast.