Apr 23, 2008

The elephant in the backseat

Forgive me all for the lack of post and comments but I'm still on borrowed a friends computer and just really don't have a lot of time to do anything at the moment. Dsl repairs are supposed to happen this week so lets all keep our fingers crossed. I'm getting caught up...just really slowly.

Sooooooo. We have completed all the classes and such and on Sunday went on the birth tour. Everything came to a screeching hault when the tour guide asked us all about our carseats. Hrm. Talk about being put on the spot, and getting slightly embarassed. So after the tour mr.fatty and I went into that babystore. You know, the big one that is all baby all up in your face. After much feeling and fabric discussions we picked one and off we went. It was okay when it was in the box, but something changed when we took it out of the box and he installed it. Now everytime I get in the car its like a 5 point harness rear facing elephant staring holes in the back of my head. I'm an emotional turtle and so it will take me a while to adjust but I will get there. Mr.fatty reminded me not to take too long because in less than 3 weeks the backseat elephant will have a passenger. SHIT. Could I really be that close? Well since I was starting to dialate at my last appointment and I have been losing bits of plug here and there I assume it is true.

I'm still working on a picture post, but am hesitant to sticky up my friends computer with useless pics so I will wait a few more days.

Off to try to catch up on some comments.

Apr 2, 2008

Are we there yet?

So sorry for the silence. It all started with the simple urge to get a new rug. It ended up with tearing out the living room walls, and in the process somehow totally destroying my dsl connection. Mr. fatty swears he didn't do it on purpose. So now I'm on the lengthy waiting list to have a hand dandy service man come out and fix it up. The house, however, looks fantastic. We remodeled the living room, guests room, and part of the garage. As you can tell its dangerous to have a nesting woman around and no nursery to focus on.

The pregnancy is going well. Had a bit of a scare and took a lovely trip to labor and delivery, but it just turned out to be two massive kidney stones. I swear I will never laugh at someone who has kidney stones again. Passing those was like having a volkswagon driven through my side. We have completed our childbirth classes and feel about as prepared as we can be.

I will be back as soon as I can with some pics of the new place.