Nov 24, 2008

6 months

Oh what a wild trip it has been. I can't believe these 6 months have flown by so fast. I have so much to say, but really don't know where to start. I am amazed at this being every day. It seemed just like yesterday we were headed to the ER and I was terrified I was goiong to miscarry again. I think in a way it all feels surreal because I didn't enjoy my pregnancy. Yes I know we all aim for it, but it was a time of fear for us. So much in fact that there is only 2 pictures of a pregnant me. We took them right before we left for the hospital. Its funny now because our house is full of pictures of B. Before it was full of pictures of D (my oldest). In the spring we are going to have family photos too. Makes me feel like we are finally complete.

OR are we? Mr.fatty and I really have mixed feelings about having another go at it. Part of me feels greedy because we are already so blessed, but we always thought we would have 3 children. At what point is it just pressing our luck? Am I really willing to go through all the bfn's and IUI's? And more to the point could our marriage handle it again? Its a tough decision, and one we should decide on before baby B weans. Well why we ponder all these things heres one of B's photos for all those who like to awwww at baby bottoms.

Nov 19, 2008


I'm coming out of my fog for a moment. I just wanted to say everyone should go sign the petition for premature babies. Go ahead, it will only take a moment of your time. Just click that little pink button on the right. I know I am greatly blessed that our son arrived safe and healthy and there is not a day that I'm not thankful for it. Okay psa over. I must go shower the spit up and mum mum off of me.

Nov 16, 2008

Circle time

Well this is my first time taking part in
Mel's Show and Tell and at first I wasn't going to, but after seeing this on my fridge I just had to. My fridge is forever cluttered with various things but every once in a while something makes me pause. Over the years many messages have been scrawled across our fridge, some anouncing a baby, some accusing others of cutting the cheese, and of course praise for jobs well done. I know its not terribly exciting but it i one of my favorite things. So come on now, go visit mel and post something and go visit others.

Nov 13, 2008

Holiday dreaming

I'm not sure what has me in the mood but I am doing some serious holiday dreaming. Maybe its the turkey in the crockpot....maybe its the cold weather, or maybe I'm just excited for B's first christmas. (By the way if you want to try making dinner in the crockpot check out this lady for some fantastic recipes.) We have asked everyone to keep gifts modest this year not only because he's so small and needs so little, but we are teaching our oldest the value of money. We will buy each a big item they really want, but would like the rest to be more conservtive. And lets face it, 6 month olds really like wrapping paper more than toys.
When we dug ourselves out of debt we made a promise to ourselves not to do it again, which isn't always easy. Mr fatty has been DYING for a new tv for a long time. It would be so easy to put one on credit, but we hold off and put money aside for it. I know we are teaching our oldest a valuable lesson about money, but sometimes being responsilbe sucks. The only money we owe right now is on the house, and we are determined to have it off our back within a few years too. I know, its a crazy idea but with no car payment and no credit card/loan debt I feel it is reasonable. Interest is my enemy. But really why I went into this entire subject is that christmas is totally different for us now. It used to be all about the gifts. Now its about the home made cinamon rolls and hot cocoa, a mid day movie in our pj's, playing boardgames and going to visit family. Yes the presents are fun, but so is the rest of it. Its amazing how family became the focus once money left the picture. So my question to all of you is what are you looking forward to this year? What are your most valued traditions?

Nov 9, 2008

The things that keep you up at night

I just typed about a gazillion words about my marriage. And then deleted them. When I look back at this I don't want to remember my issues with something that happened a long time ago, is probably not that big of a deal, and something I can't change. Instead I want to remember this morning. Something as simple as a kiss and I love you in the shower makes me know we can make it through this. I love you honey and I know we can be okay again. This is my hangup and I need time to heal, and we know that can be a slow process so try to be patient. We are worth it.

Nov 4, 2008

B takes over

Hi people, B here to blog for mommy tonight. I'm teething which means I have been alternating between crying my eyes out and flooding my diapers with poo all day. Right now she's sneaking a glass of wine and gathering her thoughts. I'm big now. 6 months on the 15th and 20lbs. I'm scooting and trying to crawl with all my might which makes mommy cheer and freak out all at the same time. She's working hard on keeping all important things out of my way and securing anything heavy. This is a good time to remind other mommies to make sure to secure bookshelves and tvs! We CAN tip them over and the results aren't good. I have other interest too. I like to stick everything in my mouth, pull hair, splash water, sticking my fingers in others eyes and noses, and tear paper to shreds. I'm sure this will be over soon and she'll be back to say hi. I should go, its time to eat. Mmmmmm boobies.