May 26, 2009

Our summer challenge

We thought we were going to try that entire baby thing again this summer but obviously the universe sees otherwise. (I will go into this on a later post) So instead I've decided to throw myself into something else. What is it? Being the biggest cheap ass I can. After going over the budget I see little cracks where money seems to be leaking out. Kind of like weather proofing the house we are going to weather proof our finances. I had mr.fatty hang a clothes line for me which I think is going to be the biggest money saver. It seems like we are running the dryer constantly. We planted our garden full of veggies and fruit so hopefully once those start to mature we won't have to spend so much on groceries. But really my mindset has just changed. When I go to the store now instead of "oh thats cute" my brain automaticly goes " do you REALLY need that". It's something that will take me a bit to get going because I need to gather all our info so there can be full disclosure. I'm not sure if this will remain here or moved somewhere else but I'm excited about this idea. I know I have personally wondered what people made, where it went, and how they budgeted and stayed on track.

May 18, 2009

Happy birthday B!

Ha, right after I wrote the last post B fell and landed on his nose. It doesn't look that bad in the picture but now that its all scabby it looks so gross. And he also hit his head on the hotel coffee table. Birthdays can be a bit rough but it didn't seem to bother him one bit.

Since we were at the beach we had pumpkin cupcakes at the hotel. B thought this was okay, but was really more interested in what his brother was doing.

Ahhh, my two boys. Quite the age difference huh? Thank you secondary infertility. I appreciate it. Stupid ovaries. I've started to ignore people who ask me if B was an accident. This day we just relaxed and enjoyed our family time. I'm a bit behind on blogs...we are still unpacking because when you have an infant you have to take half the damn house anytime you go somewhere.

May 13, 2009

Perfect Parent Syndrome

I have got a fantastic idea. Can we as women, as moms quit being so damn judgemental? I'm not talking about you guys. But lately I have been so overwhelmed by all the 'perfect' parents around me. I can ask a question about anything and I'm met with "oh my child walked at two months, composed a symphony at 3 months, got his phd at 4, and was able to recite all the names of the seven dwarfs in alphabetical order while blindfolded all by 5 months. Well, shit on me then. Yes, I'm aware my son is 'still' babbeling and he's almost a year old. Yes, I know he still falls down a lot. Yes, I know he is chewing on a twig.

Its too much. We ALL have our moments. I don't know a single parent who hasn't had a bad moment. Some of us are just blessed to have more than others. Can we all just admit we aren't perfect parents? PLEASE.

I'll go first. Today my son ate what appeared to be a beetle. I'm not sure, but the leg he had stuck to his tooth did indeed look like a beetle. Such are the hazards of gardening. Anyone else care to confess?

May 6, 2009

Anyone ready for a tmi psa about the penis?????

I'm going to use frank language here. Just a warning

For a few months Mr.fatty has randomly been losing erections. He would go from fully aroused to flat in well a second flat for no reason. He didn't know why and I must admit it made me feel like shit. Like I'm not self concious enough now my husband couldn't even keep an erection. It made me feel unatractive and unwanted. It ruined our 5th anniversary. We barely spoke, didn't even kiss. Well you get the picture. So life is moving along and I make a routine appointment for him to get a check up. His dr ordered a full panel and then everything became clear. His blood pressure was elevated and his cholesterol was through the roof. The dr said one of the indications of heart issues can be sudden loss of erections. Well there is something I did not know. The dr said undetected he was definetly on his way to a heart attack or stroke. He is only 42 and maybe 10lbs overweight and exercises all the time. I can't imagine not having him around.

So now we have been turned a bit upside down and are having to change the way we do everything. Some of the meds do lower male fertility and for now we are trying to avoid them, but it may be something he has to do soon. Since mr.fatty had low volume and a high amount of abnormal forms in the first place I just don't know where this puts us.

I know this is common but it scared the crap out of me. We really do have to start taking better care of ourselves. I started by cutting out sweets and doing that jilian M 30 day shred video. It was painful....I definetly feel shredded now.

PCOS sucks ass

Really it does. In oh so many ways. It just feels like this battle in my body every single frickin day. Not just to ovulate but just to bring it into balance. If I take a week off from exercise I balloon out. The adult acne is great too. And the apple body shape? Oh joy.

Seriously I hate it.