Jun 22, 2009

We're not sure

Nothing irritates me more than not knowing what is going on with my uterus. Boy what an opening line.

Years ago I started spotting out of the blue and it never went away. I've heard all their responses from its normal to it will work itself out. Well guess what? Its NOT normal and it didn't work itself out. As my period has returned on a somewhat regular basis I can tell you I still cramp like crazy and spot whenever my body sees fit. This isn't right. I just KNOW. But no one seems to take it seriously. So what is my next step here? I've run out of doctors and patience.

Jun 18, 2009

Show and tell week something or another

Yes I know I didn't post all week, but I did dig through my blog and discovered that my 4 year blogaversary was on June 7th. Four years is quite a long time in my little world so I do consider it an accomplishment. So onto the sharing shall we...

Remember you can go here and join in or just see what the others are sharing

Show and Tell

I had a few people ask me where I got the pic for my header. I got it from my camera. I took it when we headed to the beach last month. We went to this amazing set of tidepools and I just went totally picture happy. The first three are pretty self explanitory but lets see if you can guess what happened after the fourth.....

MMmmmmm pretty
Ooooooooooooh even prettier

Hello starfish!

Heh, take a guess what happened to Mr.hermit crab seconds after I took this. Yes, right into the mouth. You would think he would spit it out since it was crawling around and everything but noooooooo, I had to reach in and pull it out. Enough snack talk, go see what everyone else is showing!

Jun 10, 2009

Show and Tell time!

Yay it is show and tell time again! It has switched to Wednesdays so go here and see what everyone else is doing!

Show and Tell

One of my favorite things about living in the northwest is the fabulous sunsets. I caught this one on our last hike.

This storm was fascinating. Scary too. The wind and rain was so hard and the lightning was incredible. I was going to catch pictures of the lightning but I got sidetracked somehow.

Go take a look and see what everyone else came up with.

Jun 8, 2009

A post is coming shortly. I just have zero time lately. B has food allergies so it seem like I sit and read and read and read about how to keep his diet balanced and where they came from. I have a lot of stuff rolling around in my head and I swear as soon as I have time I will get it up. Heh, I said get it up.

Jun 1, 2009

Bear with me folks, I'm doing some construction so things may look a bit off for a few days. I would do it all at once, but you know I need to be on constant "what did you put in your mouth" patrol