Jun 22, 2009

We're not sure

Nothing irritates me more than not knowing what is going on with my uterus. Boy what an opening line.

Years ago I started spotting out of the blue and it never went away. I've heard all their responses from its normal to it will work itself out. Well guess what? Its NOT normal and it didn't work itself out. As my period has returned on a somewhat regular basis I can tell you I still cramp like crazy and spot whenever my body sees fit. This isn't right. I just KNOW. But no one seems to take it seriously. So what is my next step here? I've run out of doctors and patience.


Fertilized said...

I am Sorry that is NO fun at all!

Mary said...

that sort of thing just started for me. about 6 months ago. i've been ignoring it... but i'm starting to worry. my aunt had a similar problem (she's not blood related to me) and it turned out to be colon cancer. undiagnosed for YEARS.