Aug 19, 2009

Where have I been?

Here and there is the basic answer. Somehow this summer is just taking everything out of me. There is a lot on my plate right now and most of the time when I open this to post I just sit here and watch the cursor blink. So lets do a list shall we?!?!?!
* My husband and I are working on our marriage and are making huge progress. Its not always easy, but I can see the light coming back and am starting to feel like we are IN love again.
* B is growing like crazy and doing well. The molars were hard. Its such a test of patience to have a tething toodler.
* We are actively ttc again. Its not going so smoothly. I may have just had an early loss/chemical. Its a long story and I end up bleeding for 11 days at the end of it so lets just skip that.
* I've lost 6 lbs. Its okay but I hoped for more.
* I'm trying to be more organized so everything won't feel so chaotic but it is hard.
Its like running in mud right now. I will pull out of this funk.
We did take a great vacation to the lake house which is pictured up there. It was a great morning. I wondered out to the boathouse with my coffee and camera and just clicked away. I'm thinking we might need another getaway soon.
AND I have over 400 post to get caught up with in google reader but I'm working on it.

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Courtney said...

It's good to hear from you and know that you are okay. It does sound like you have a great deal going on right now. I'm so sorry to hear about your possible loss, and hope that things can only go up from here.

Thinking of you and sending lots of positive thoughts your way...

*Fantastic picture.