Mar 8, 2010

How to get over yourself

I am always responsible with money. We save at least 25% of everything. I like to be prepared financially for whatever rolls our way. The last few months have been different. Mr fatty talked me into letting loose a bit. So where did our adventures take us. Well first of all we started off barelling about a million miles an hour down this thing. This is the tornado. Its nothing but huge drops, tons of water and speed. I'm pretty sure he was trying to scare the blues right out of me. And to be honest it worked. Its hard to think about anything when your hanging on for dear life and screaming like the world is ending. Seriously so much fun.

And then I bought a car. Picture omitted because I haven't gotten around to taking it but I am in love with it. So what do you do with a new car? You pack it up and head here.

and do things like this

and play poker but to protect the losers I won't show pictures of them crying. I wiped them out. Somewhere along the way I did start to feel better. It was nice to have fun for once. Maybe I should take that as a sign to let it all go more often.

As for the entire baby making thing my cycles are somewhat regular but its not a strong ovulation. Lazy ovaries. I'm on cd 16 and start clomid next cycle. The first clomid cycle is really to see if I respond to it. Then of course we make the decision of where to go then. Dr is thinking two medicated cycles (the first being the clomid) and then into medicated IUI. I'm really going to try not to obsess. Hah.

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Miss K said...

Good to see you back!! Congrats on the new car. All of that sounds like fun :)